Vendors may share a booth, however each chemical vendor must apply separately and pay the designated daily fee to market representatives.

Designation and allocation of vendor spaces are the responsibility and at the discretion of the market representative. Spaces shall be sold as the applications are received and approved, until the market is at capacity.

Vendors must supply their own tents, tables, chairs, space signage, refrigeration, storage, and all materials and containers for customer sales. Vendors may begin arriving at 6:00 AM to set up and be ready to greet their customers for the opening of the market at 8:00 AM. Vendors need to unload and move vehicles by 7:30 at the latest.

A vendor is not required to but may erect a tent over their assigned space. The tent should be limited to 10’ x 10’. If a tent is erected, each leg of the tent must be weighted with a minimum of 25 pounds. The weights must be tied securely to the tent with strong rope or bungees. If any tent is not properly weighted down in accordance with these rules, the tent must be immediately taken down at the request of a representative of the White Rock Local Market. There are no exceptions to this rule.

To prevent taking valuable parking spaces away from businesses at the shopping center, and from WRLM customers, vendors are required to park behind the shopping center, along the rear of the MRI and Chiropractor section of the shopping center.

9. Vendors determine the pricing and display of their products.

10. Vendors shall be solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsafe or unsound goods at the market.

11. No smoking is allowed at the market.

12. Open flames and/or coals are not allowed at the market.

Vendors shall, if applicable, have a Sales Tax Certificate or any applicable licenses and permits available for inspection at their market booth. It is the vendor’s responsibility to comply with the State Comptroller’s requirements for any products sold at White Rock Local Market.

Vendors shall comply with all applicable City Of Dallas, State of Texas and federal ordinances and/or regulations regarding permits and safe handling of potentially hazardous foods. Vendors of potentially hazardous foods – including but not limited to meats, cheese, eggs, milk products, and certain manufactured foods needing temperature control – will need a Neighborhood Farmers Market Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the city of Dallas Code Compliance. Any vendors serving samples shall also obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the city of Dallas Code Compliance.

This permit is $100 yearly, and allows the holder to sell at White Rock Local Market. To sell at another market the fee is an additional $50, payable to the City of Dallas. Vendors must contact City of Dallas Code Compliance, food safety, 7901 Goforth Rd Dallas, Texas 75238, Phone (214) 670-8083, Fax (214) 670-8330

15. Vendors are required to provide a copy of sales tax certificate, manufacturing or other licenses, in addition to a Neighborhood Farmers Market permit ( required for food vendors only) to White Rock Local Market.

16. Vendors shall be subject to inspection of their farm or place of production at any time.

17. Violation of any provision of the Rules and Regulations shall be a material breach and default by the vendor.

18. The market representative shall reserve the right to cancel any vendor’s participation at any time if and when the vendor shall be found to be in violation of any market rule or eligibility requirements.

19. The market shall reserve the right to revise the Market Rules and Regulations at any time and shall post notice of such revision to vendors.

20. All vendors selling at White Rock Local Market must agree to participate in the Lone Star SNAP (Drud stamp) and debit card program. This program allows customers to use their food stamp cards and/or their bank debit cards to purchase tokens from market organizers and use the tokens as cash. Vendors who accept tokens during a market can redeem them for cash at the end of that market day at the information booth. If unable to turn the tokens in on a certain market day tokens can be held and turned in at any subsequent market. Tokens are in $1 and $5 denominations. Red tokens represent a Lone Star food stamp transaction and are for FOOD PRODUCTS ONLY. Green tokens represent a debit card transaction and are for ALL products.

21. Vendors may not discriminate against any customer based on their desire to use either green or red tokens. If a vendor is found to have done so then that vendor forfeits their participation in WRLM and will be asked to leave.

22. Each vendor shall sign and provide to WRLM a “vendor statement” that all products have been raised, grown, made, crafted, processed, or produced by the vendor in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and in a Texas county completely or partially located within a 150 mile radius of Dallas County (unless the director allows certain products to be sold at the market because of the unavailability of those items in the radius area); and no product is being offered for re-sale.

23. All persons wanting to sell at the White Rock Local Market must agree to the terms of these rules and show their agreement by signing the application and submitting other required forms, if applicable.

24. To see detailed Rules and Regulations for Food and Non-Food/Arts and Crafts Vendors, download the pdfs below.

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